About Ionic Silver

Our Vision

A beautiful relationship. When we first met Allan Sutton we could see he was doing things differently. Tried and tested, a method and formulation that has stood decades, we knew the that Allan's My Colloidal Silver was something special we wanted to be involved in. So now, Ionic Silver envisions a world selling the highest quality Allan Sutton's My Colloidal Silver where everybody benefits from the natural immune and allergy support the product delivers. Ionic Silver is committed to bringing Allan Suttons My Colloidal Silver to you. Your natural support system.


Allan Sutton's Story

Allan Sutton's original My Colloidal Silver is formed through the electrolysis of 99.99% fine silver in deionised, reverse osmosis filtrated "pure" living spring water. An ion is formed when an atom surrenders one or more electrons. The ion remains in solution searching for some substance with which to bond that can supply the lost electron (s). "Pure" or de-ionized water has negligible impurities, thus supplying no such substance with which the silver ions may bond. Colloids play an important part in the digestion and excretion of substances in the body.


Our Simple Ingredients

Pure New Zealand Spring Water

Spring water provides much needed oxygen to the body and the brain, aids in good digestion, helps us maintain a healthy weight, and tastes great. Spring water never tastes flat or boiled. It makes for an excellent drinking experience and one that does wonders for the body.



Colloidal silver is positively charged. Silver ions seek out and destroy pathogens (which carry a negative charge). This effect was quite appropriately referred to as the ‘Silver bullet’ effect by Dr Beck. By oxidising the pathogens colloidal silver immediately destroys them. Silver is a catalyst. Thus, as soon as particle of silver has killed a pathogen, the pathogen loses its negative charge and floats away. This leaves the silver free again to attack other pathogens. It is necessary to drink lots of water and rest to help elimination and healing.