Potent Immune Support

The Allan Sutton colloidal silver is 99.99% pure silver ions in Bioactive form. This means 99% of the Silver particles and nano-clusters maintain their active ionic-charge. Colloidal Silver will boost your immunity and support your natural healing. Silver has antimicrobial properties that disables specific enzymes used for growth by some bacteria, viruses and germs.


Pure Ingredients 

Made with only pure New Zealand spring water and high quality Silver. There are no preservatives, salts or other additives in Allan Sutton's Colloidal Silver. High quality Colloidal silver like Allan Sutton's Colloidal Silver should taste like water because it only contains two ingredients. 


Trusted Quality

We care about what you put in your body. That's why we haven't taken any shortcuts in sourcing the best quality possible Colloidal Silver. Made using a slow and highly effective method.



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